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Welcome to the website of the EJHIB2019!

International Conference on Social, linguistic and Human Mobility and Integration

September 4 and 5, 2019
Renaissance Hotel, Sao Paulo , Brasil

Workshops, Networking, Poster in English, Japanese and Portuguese

Today, due to the development of transportation means and communication means, the life which is not restrained by space is the basic residence style. With this, we need to change consciousness fundamentally in various ways, such as the concept of the country and the people, the owner of the language. There is a need for a place to accurately observe and describe the changes that these situations give to the language and society.

At the same time, due to global migration, children’s education and development problems, community problems, national language policy problems, and so on are taking place. There are conflicts in education, welfare, community, and politics due to migration and migration, and societal problems are taking place worldwide. In Europe, which is a major immigration country, discussion is being done on integration, but it is also required to consider what the integration means theoretically.

This symposium will provide a forum for discussing the dynamics and integration of society, people, and language in Brazil, which has a long history of accepting and integrating immigrants. We are looking for the latest research results and case reports on a wide range of fields such as literature, culture, anthropology, policy research and so on. Especially Brazil is the country with the world’s largest Nikkei community, it is a unique place to observe the returning trip with Japan and various dynamics by it.

The event will be a unique opportunity to network with other researchers from other countries working on this issue.

We are waiting for everyone from all over the world to participate.

Executive Committee Chairman
Leiko Matsubara Morales (Sao Paulo University)
Makiko Matsuda (Kanazawa University)





★The name EJHIB is derived from the former conference name in Portuguese ” Simpósio Internacional sobre Ensino-aprendizagem de Língua Japonesa como Língua de Herança, Identidade e Bilinguismo”




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